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Links to Old Believer related Resources:

In English: About Old Ritualists of belokrinitsky trend. Languages - German and some English (only one section). Orthodox Old Ritulaist Diocese of Slava in Mitropoly of Romania. Languages - English, Russian and Romanian. new Church of the Nativity of Christ in Erie (USA). Former Old Rite priestless. Now Russian Orthodox outside of Russia practicing Old Rituals. English. "Russian Orthodox Old Believers" - One more page related to edinoverie church of the Nativity of Christ in Erie (Pa, USA). English. About Archpriest Avvakum. Excerpts from his Zhitie (life story). Languages - Dutch, English and Russian. "Freedom for an Old Believer" by John Paul Wigowsky. The narration illustrates resettlement of the group of Old Believers from Far East to America. The book is fictitious and dosen't claim historical existence of the events and persons described. Links to Old Believer Internet Resources in English. "Old Believer" dresses. Modern Old Believer women's dresses in USA. Pictures with short descriptions. "Russian Orthodox Old Rite". About the Old Belief - books, articles and prayers in russian and english. Home Page of John Alden. Articles and thoughts about Old Belief - a lot of links to english-language pages related to Old Belief. "Holy Nativity of the Mother of God Skete". Brief information on Old Rite Skete (belokrinitsky hierarchy) and two monks, who live there (USA, ND - near to the border of Canada). Appeal for help. "Orthodox Kellion of the Holy Trinity and St Sergius". Home page of hierodeacon Mark (under the omophor of his eminence metropolitan Philaret of paris and western europe (true orthodox church), edinoverie, i.e. united belief), resident in Llanelli (Wales, UK).


In German and Polish: Home page of Polish Old Believers.


In Roumanian The Russian - Lipovans Community in Romania. Old Believers newspaper in Romania. The Russian- Lipovans Youth Association in Bucharest (under construction). About Old Believers in Romania - past and present (under construction).


In Russian:

Sites that belong to Old Believers (official) "Russian Orthodox Old Rite Church" - official site of Mitropoly Of Moskow and all the Russia. Old Belief in Ukrain. Published according to the blessing of Savvaty, bishop of Ukrain. Newspaper of the Old Rite Ural diocese "Island of Faith". Home page of Pokrov Old Rite parish in Rzhev. History, life, culture. Old version of home page of Pokrov Old Rite parish in Rzhev. The site is not going to be updated. "Old Believer of Kostroma" - home page of Yaroslavl & Kostroma diocese of Russian Old Rite Orthodox Church. Old Ritualists 'Semeyskie'. Ulan-Ude city (transbaikal region). Herald of Old Rite Community in Cheboksary. Old Belief in Volgograd. - Site "Old Belief". It combines two sections: - Parish pages of Tver Old Ritualist Community of temple, sanctified in the name of st. Nikolas the Miracle Worker in Moskow and - Old Ritualist portal "Truth of the Old Belief".

http:// Home page of the Temple in the name of Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God of Ostozhenka Old Believer community. Last news of community, information on history and present-day of temple. New Official site of parish in Biysk (belokrinitsky hierarchy). Home Page of the temple of Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church in Khabarovsk in the name of Protection of the Holy Virgine. "Old Belief in Far East" - informational bulletin. New Home page of Old Belivers of Old-Pomorsky Fedoseevsky concord. New South Latvian Old Ritualist social fund "Belovodije" Old Believers' Community in Estonia. "Starovertsi of Daugavpils" Home page of the 1st Daugavpils (Novostroensk) Old Ritualist community. "Old Orthodox Church" (Novozybkov hierarchy) - published under blessing of patr. Alexander. Home page of "Old Believer society in the name of I.N. Zavoloko". It was organized by pomorie Old Believers in Latvia. "Old believers of Borisov area" - home page of Old Believer comunity of pomorsky concord. New


Sites that belong to Old Believers (unofficial) "Old Belief in Samara" - the project is dedicated to history of Old Belief in Samara region, as well as to the present state of Samara Old Belief as a whole. It tells about every Old Believer trend without getting deep into the questions of Old Believer polemics. "Drevlepravoslavie" (Old Belief) - the page is dedicated to history of the Old Belief. The chief task of the authors is to collect the unbiassed information about present-day life and history of all the trends of Old Belief. "Old Belief". Information on Old Belief. "Russion Orthodoxy" - home page of the head of community of volgograd temple of Russian Orthodox Old Ritualist Church in the name of the Dormition of the Mother of God - Kotrunov Oleg Grigorjevich. In fact, it is the mirror of site "Old Belief in Volgograd". New "Ancient Orthodoxy" - spiritual site. New "Bratstvo" (Brotherhood). Internet-project of the journal, published in beginning of XX century. Authors are representatives of RDC (Old Orthodox Church - Novozybkov hierarchy). "Acquaintances" - acquantances for Old Believers. A chance to meet friends on the Internet. "Old Believers in Rybatskoe" - unofficial home page of Old Believer church of Znamenie of the Virgine. It belongs to marriage accepting pomorie (priestless) Old Believers in Saint-Petersburg. Unofficial home page of Gromovsky Old Believer community in Saint-Petersburg. "Old Orthodox resource". "Wilstav" - site of pomorie Old Believers. It contains "Ecclesiastical low of assembly service", dictionary and other materials.


Personal sites of the Old Believers "Radio Spiritual Antichrist". (Although the name may seem repelling don't take it literal. The resource is one of the best on the topic). Andrey Ezerov - former secretary of Alimpy, Mitropolitan of Moskow and All the Russia. "Lestovka".
One more site of Andrey Eserov. "Present-day Old Rite Icon". The site of the Old Rite icon-painter - Alexander Tuinov. Old Belief in Ural. "Orthodox Christian Art" - Proverbs of Vadim Slovtsov. Published with the blassing of Fr. Vyacheslav Zobnin. Personal site of Michael Khlebnikov. This site is in no way related to Russian Orthodox Old Ritualist Church nor to newspaper "Old Believer of Kostroma". "Russian Old Belief" - web page of an Old Believer from Tambov city (Russia). "Orthodox Christianity in school". Site contains recommendations and materials for katechetical activities with kids.


Researchers of the Old Ritualist movement "History and culture of the Old Belief". Mostly about Old Slavonic books (manuscripts (hand-written and old-printed)). "Kitezh-Grad" project. Old Believers in Latvia: history and culture. Articles on the history of the Old Ritualists of Ural and neighbouring territories. Detailed history of the Fedoseevsky trend on Vyatka Territory. "Portal of Old Believer Clothing". Svetlana Valentinovna Gorozhanina considers the questions of studies and popularization of Vyatka(Kirov) region Old Believer folk culture, particularly Old Believer clothing. Institute of hand-written and old-printed book in Nizhnij Novgorod. Home page of Ivanov Konstantin Yurjevich, the researcher of Old Belief. The history of Old Belief on the South of Western Siberia, repressions against believers during sovjet period, genealogy of Old Believers, links.


Other useful resources (books, recordings, photos, history, research) "Old Belief in documents". Large amount of polemic and other works of Old Believer tutors that belong to different trends and their opponents. Also, there are other materials directly related to Old Belief. This site moved from, where it (unfortunately) was closed for public access. There are only a few books in graphic-files-format that were left behind on the old site (including "Pomorskije otvety" (Pomorje answers)). The section of this FTP contains scanned e-texts of the books related to Old Belief. Among those: "Zhitie(life story) of Avvakum", etc. In general, this page is not dedicated to Old Belief, but to history of one of the oldest russian firms that produced optical, phisical and geodetic instruments. But Tryndin family, as founders of that firm, were Old Believers from generation to generation. With regard to that fact, page, along with other matirials, contains some information about Old Rite Ostozhensky parish and temple of The Protection of the Virgine in Moskow. Old Believers' book. Some e-texts of books related to Old Belief. "Old Belief in pre-revolutionary Russia". The collection of photos. Supplement to e-journal "Kitezh". Articles related to Old Belief. Arctogaia of Dugin. On the arctogaia's forum there is a section colled "Old Belief for the New Russia" Church chantings. In the "Recordings" section of this page you can find recordings of the Old Rite chanting performed by the Old Rite parish choirs of Nizhni Novgorod and Ukrain. "Znamenny chanting - old way of singing in Russian Orthodox Church". Materials on znamenny and demestvenny chanting. "Znamenny fond" (znamenny resources). The goal of this project is the creation of resources of znamenny chants available to all, as well as program means to work with this resources for the sake of restoration of znamenny chanting — the canonical service chanting — in Russian Orthodox church. Project "Temples of Moskow". Extensive serch opportunities. "Religion" - special project of "Russian Jornal". Tons of articles on religion. Some of them are on the Old Belief. Use search-robots to find them. Here you can find the search-result on the "staroobryadchestvo" (old-rite) key-word. On the home page of Egoryevsk (town - not far from Moskow) one can find interesting and well-illustrated information about local Old Rite Church. Old Believers of Ural. Some articles from local newspapers. Sans Racines. A few articles from newspaper "Rusj Pravoslavnaya"(The Orthodox Russia) (this newspaper is published by Old Believers of Primorje). - "The Heritage of Holy Russia". Calendar, Ustavs, Hagiographies and much more. "Beguny-stranniki - priestless Old Believer soglasie". The collection of dogmatic, polemic and service texts, articles and photos. "Antipovo soglasie (money-rejecters)". Collection of links to resources about stranniki solgasie. "Old Belief in Balta" - short info about old believer community in Balta, (Ukrain, Odessa region) on the unoffical site of town. - Internet-project "Old Believers" on the portal "Religion & Mass Media", dedicated to modern Old Belief. It is a secular on-line edition about Old Belief and Old Believers.

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